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Productvideo Pro­duct visual­izations support the sale of pro­ducts in online shops, as well as in retail­/whole­sale. Videos help to under­stand the pro­duct better and to make it attr­active.
As video pro­ducer from Düssel­dorf we take over the complete video pro­duction of fac­tual product presen­tations or image pro­duct movies.


Videoproducer on Event Whether at festi­vals, parties, work­shops or expos - special events must be recorded in a special form.
An event video shows the high­lights, arouses emotions and allows the event to be exper­ienced again.


Imagevideo An image film pre­sents your company with emo­tions and infor­mative images.
The character and pecu­liarities of a company or product can be pre­sented impre­ssively, in detail and recog­nizable.


Videoproducer with Camera The most impor­tant thing for the pro­motion of a single is a professional video. Whether high-­gloss pro­duction or pro­ductions for smaller bud­gets.
Music videos are the best way to att­ract atten­tion, increase your own popu­larity and stay in the memory of music fans.
A well-­thought-out story­line to the song, the compi­lation and impres­sive pictures make a good music video to an out­standing movie.


Videoproducer Whether TV or social media advert­ising.
Advert­ising spots attract the atten­tion of your target groups, arouse emotions and trigger the buying impulses.
As video­producer, we work with you on the complete path to the goal.


Drone Drones enable except­ional perspec­tives in high-­resolution, aerial photo­graphy and are ver­satile in use, whether indoors or out­doors.
Your video pro­duction from Düssel­dorf make aerial clips in differ­ent heights, angles and per­spectives.
The possibil­ities of the drones are almost limit­less.



Videoproducion While edit­ing the movie gets its timing and a mood.
After the cutt­ing has been comp­leted, the visual effects while be created.
Whether green screen, motion graphics, video retouch­ing or much more, the possibil­ities are almost endless.


Color Grading By using a color look, certain moods can be created or empha­sized.
Even docu­mentary films, which should have a neutral image effect, benefit from a pro­fessional color correc­tion.


3D Intro Whether for your own films, games, blogg­ing, web­sites or other presenta­tions.
Intros and Outros ensure a profes­sional and reco­gnizable appear­ance.
As video production special­ists, we create your perfect intro and/or outro for your projects.


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