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Opti­mized web­sites that bring you inqui­ries, leads and sales.
Before crea­ting your web­site, we'll do a target group anal­ysis toge­ther. After that, we plan your webs­ite so that in the end we have a web­site that repre­sents you or your com­pany while being opti­mized for your cust­omers and visit­ors.
Responsive Webdesign


Real­ization of indi­vidual web­sites with well-­known Content Manage­ment Systems (CMS) like Word­press.
As web deve­loper, we work for shopp­ing sites with web shop systems, such as Shopify or Woo­Commerce. Your shops will be linked to pay­ment service pro­viders and the basis for a secure order pro­cess will be created.
Even web apps with customer/­employee login and data collec­tion are feasi­ble.



Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimi­zation pro­vides the basis for opti­mizing and measur­ing the per­formance of a web­site and its sub­pages (as compared to the competi­tion).
We optimize content, care conti­nuously and ensure good links to your web­sites. We work accord­ing to proven in­dustry stand­ards, reco­mmend bud­gets and give an out­look on possi­ble scena­rios.
To stay in the top results, these meth­ods must be used conti­nuously.


Onlineadvertising Online advert­ising reaches the right people at the right moment.
Whether social media advert­ising on Youtube/­Facebook/­Twitter or other services like Adwords for advert­ising on Google.
As a web agency from Düssel­dorf we take over the setup and/­or optimi­zation of the camp­aign. In the process, we keep track of the numbers and opti­mize your advert­ising camp­aign.


Socialmediamarketing In order to best market your comp­any on social media, a social media stra­tegy designed for your needs is is the first step. Based on this, appro­priate content must be created.
As a web agency from Düssel­dorf we take over the plann­ing, imple­menta­tion and optimi­zation of this concept. We develop images, films and infor­mation for the respec­tive net­work, adjust them and pub­lish the content. This includes advert­ising mea­sures such as the SMA (Social Media Advert­ising).


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